Tax headquarters & tele-secretariat

In the Tax Headquarters service, young professionals, associations, and start-up companies will find a solution in setting up their business, without the cost of physical installations and operating costs.
Additional services: telegraph office, telephone line.

Seminars - Presentations

The whole world of knowledge is in Open Office! Seminars, events, workshops, new ideas and proposals, in the new multifaceted and modern space at K. Kartali street where everyone will be able to find what they need. Whether it is organized activities or hosted events, in the Open Office at K. Kartali street in Volos, professionals and non, will discover the knowledge and inspiration they are looking for in order to evolve and progress.

Digital Services & Teleconferencing

Following technological developments, Open Office welcomes you to a modern, digital world. All the new electronic services, the necessary audiovisual media and infrastructure, i.e., all the tools that the professional is looking for today, are here. Our facilities include webinar space rental and equipment, video recording, promotional and advertising services and all the tools of modern digital marketing.



Companies’ consultants

The OPEN BUSINESS TEAM consulting team of OPEN OFFICE VOLOS consists of experienced executives & associates, who are active with great success, each on their field, for several years in the competitive environment of the Greek market.

Tourist businesses

With many years of experience and knowledge in the Tourism Industry, the Open Office Volos Tourism Business Mentoring team, , is ready to support any entrepreneur who needs to identify the downsides of his business, so that they can reorganize and find new alternative solutions that will lead him to the materialization of his goals.




Training is provided in all areas of Content Marketing from the side of Organic Ranking and not Adwords and Social Media Campaigns; i.e., how the interested party will bring traffic and rank the URLs of his website.


The correct foundation for any online business or content site (blog), is a proper initial website. A wrong initial website means hundreds and/or thousands of euros wasted on missed opportunities and corrections of mistakes.